Roku is a line of streaming players developed by Roku Inc. The Roku streaming device receives data through a wired or wireless network from an internet router. The data it gets is then sent through a video cable, an audio cable or an HDMI connector straight to particular devices models. While using Roku products and services, if you face any difficulty then you can avail our 24*7 Roku support services. From purchasing products from to creating an account on it, we offer an instant support for every error you face and every query you ask.

How to setup player?

Before you set up, make sure the audio/video connection type is present in your TV is HDMI, Composite, or Component type. Also, connect your Roku player to the TV with the right cable during the process of activation. After this, follow the below-given steps:

  • Choose the right network connection
  • Once the network connects, Roku player will automatically start downloading and installing the latest software
  • After this, Roku player reboots during activation
  • Now, you will see a startup screen
  • Once the computer starts up, open the web browser and visit
  • Provide the unique code displayed by the Roku player
  • Create a new account to get the Roku setup
  • Set up a payment method
  • You can also customize the settings
  • Your Roku player is now ready to use
  • Hit Submit

Common errors you might experience with Roku

Below is a list of the most common errors you might face with the Roku player or Roku TV. To get rid of them or to avoid them, avail support for Roku today!
  • Error with your Roku Account
  • Unable to create your Roku account
  • Unable to login to your Roku account
  • Roku com link code errors
  • Roku activation errors
  • Unable to connect Roku to wireless or wired connection
  • Unable to set up a new Roku player with your HD TV, LED or LCD
  • Roku logo or name is displaying on your TV screen
  • Roku player is not streaming the content properly
  • Netflix error on Roku
  • Roku link error code 011, 001, 013, 014
  • Unable to play games or watch videos on Roku
  • Unable to access Facebook
  • Unable to upgrade software on your Roku player
  • Power light issues with your Roku player
  • Black screen error with Netflix on Roku
  • Roku remote issues
  • Unable to access Roku on iPod and iPad

How we support for Roku Setup?

We are a well-established technical support services provider known for delivering a quick and reliable solution to all the Roku TV errors. Being a reputed name in this industry, we have an experienced team of technicians to serve the customers with manual troubleshooting steps. However, if they fail to fix the Roku TV and Player error manually, the technician will take your permission to set up a remote online connection, which is absolutely secure. This connection also helps us in maintaining our promise of being transparent with the customer.

This remote connection helps the technician in finding out the cause of the error. After detecting or diagnosing, the technician uses highly advanced software to fix the problem. Our support services are available all day long, which means you can connect to one of our support executives anytime. So, don't let any error affect your entertainment time when our Roku support services are just a call away!