May 4, 2018

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About Us

Roku is a well-known company that runs the number one TV streaming platform in the U.S. The company brings in the users streaming content they want to access. With a plethora of products, Roku is providing different services to the customers. The company aims at providing all the TV content through streaming. Gradually, the company has become a trustworthy platform as the most preferred TV streaming destination for the users, advertisers, and content publishers.

Roku TV

All the Roku products including Roku TV runs on Roku operating system. The new releases of the operating system get automatically delivered to all the Roku users using its different devices. Available in a variety of sizes, Roku TVs are associated with many brands such as Hitachi, Sharp, etc.

Roku Streaming Players

Roku streaming players are available especially for the customers in Latin America, North America and Europe. With this Roku product, users can stream to different channels and content. Like the other products, Roku streaming player also runs on its own operating system.

Roku Mobile App- Android and iOS

To let the customers access their favorite channels, Roku mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. All you need to do is visit the Apple store or Google Play Store, search for Roku mobile app and then click Install. Wait until the installation finishes. After that, you can simply log in to your Roku account and access the Roku streaming services.