How to set up the Roku TV?

Roku is the top renowned electronics company that has manufactured a series of streaming Roku player series for its users. Apart from Roku Streaming players, the company has also designed the Roku TV but the device has been manufactured by other companies named as ‘TCL’ and ‘Hisense’.


The entire series of the Roku TV devices have been installed with the Roku OS. Sometimes the users may face some issues while unpacking and attaching the Roku TV base. Thus, to prevent the occurrence of all such error errors on the Roku device, the simplest process for setting up the Roku TV device without calling the Roku Support number, have been detailed in this article.

Before initializing the steps for configuring the settings of the Roku TV device, the users need to have the following two things:

  1. Wireless Internet Connection
  2. Roku Account

Steps for setting up the Roku TV:

Follow the stepwise procedure mentioned below for setting up the Roku TV device, easily:

  1. Insert the Batteries to the Remote Control:
    1. First of all, insert the pair of batteries came inside the box of Roku TV device, within the remote control device.
    2. To do so, open the back cover of the remote and then, insert the batteries as per the polarities indicated within the battery compartment.
    3. Once the batteries have been placed correctly, close the back cover.
  2. Switch On the Roku TV:
    1. For switching on the Roku TV, press the ‘Power’ button on the Roku TV Remote Control.
    2. The Switching On of the Roku Device will be indicated by the light below the TV screen. If it is ‘On’ then, the device has been switched ON.
  3. Choose the language:
    1. As soon as the Roku device gets started, the users need to select the ‘language’ from the drop down list, on to the first page displayed on the screen.

If the users are not able to get the language in which they wish to display their device contents then, call the Roku Support number, to get the quick assistance.

  1. Scroll the list in upward and downward direction for getting the desired language.
  2. On getting the wished language, press the “OK” button on the remote control.
  1. Choose the Country:
    1. Now, select the country where the users are going to use the device, to ensure that the users’ Roku TV has the entire features available within their country.
  2. Select the home use:
    1. Select the ‘Set up for home use’ option for setting it us for home usage unless, the users wish to use the Roku TV as a store display.
  3. Connect the Roku TV device to the network and the internet:
    1. Choose the users’ wireless network from the list of all available, followed by entering the password associated with the network.
    2. To view the entered password, click the ‘Show Password’ option. This option will ensure that the entered password is correct.
    3. Once the password has been entered by the user, click the ‘Connect’ button.
    4. Thus, the Roku TV will get connected to the network and the internet.
  4. Download the latest software:
    1. On getting connected to the wireless network & internet, the Roku device will download the latest version of the Roku operating system, automatically.
    2. Once the OS gets successfully downloaded to the device, reboot the Roku TV device.
  5. Create the Roku account and Activate the Roku TV:
    1. For activating the Roku TV device, the users need to connect the device to the Roku account.
    2. The guidelines for activating the Roku TV device will be displayed on the screen along with the Roku TV Activation Code as “XCV5TG”.
    3. Follow these instructions for activating the Roku TV device.
    4. To do so, the users need to access the link as: using the smart device followed by entering the Roku Activation Code within the space.
    5. After this follow the on-screen instructions for activating the device.
  6. Connect your devices:

For getting the steps for connecting the other additional devices like game console, Blu-ray player, antennae, cable or satellite box, and many more such devices to the Roku TV then, either refer the support section or call the Roku Support number, toll-free.

  1. Thus, the users’ Roku TV Device is ready and they could easily watch their favorite shows on it.

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