Sale Alert: Cost of old Roku TVs slashed down by $500

One day sale of P605 Roku TV by lowering its price down to $500 has been announced by the TCL, to buy the best TV. To this one-day sale, the Chinese tech firms said that the deal will only be applicable to the P605 Roku TV stocks at the retail stores as well as the websites of the Best Buy and the discount will only be available on May 12.

The P605, the specific variant of the TCL’s P607 Roku TV at the retail stores of the Best Buy having a 55-inch 4K set. The P605 Roku TV was admired by the critics for its strong value. The P605 Roku TV was launched last year and was typically priced for $600. This one-day sale of P605 Roku TV by cutting off its price by $100 is good.

Apart from this one-day sale announcement, TCL has also launched its latest Roku TVs known as the 6th series, having the 55-inch set as well as 65-inch set. Both these models i.e. the 55-inch set and 65-inch set have been priced for $650 and $1000, respectively.

What the users are getting in this sale?

The P605 Roku TV resembles the design and picture quality as that of the P607 Roku TV. But this P605 differs from P607 as it comes with an infrared remote instead of the one based on the Wi-Fi technique. This infrared-based remote needs to be handled within the direct sight line of the TV to work. Apart from this, the infrared remote of the P605 also lacks the feature of headphone jack that comes as the counterpart of the P607. This headphone jack enables the P607 Roku TV users to listen to whatever is playing on the device, privately. However, one could use the Roku Mobile app for listening to the TV through the headphones.

One of the biggest features of the P605 Roku TV is its OS interface. This OS interface is identical to the software that has been baked within the streaming media boxes of the Roku. Since this OS interface has been aging from the aesthetic standpoint, but it still has the power to make it simpler to locate as well as launch the applications than that offered by other smart television manufacturers.

The biggest competition of P605 is with its successors that include the TCL 6th series Roku TVs, launched at the earlier of this month. As per the reviews suggested earlier it has been noticed that this new 6th series of the TCL Roku TVs are much improved than the P6 series of it. These P6 series of TCLK Roku TVs have larger model, sturdier metal design, voice controls within the Roku OS along with more local dimming zones. Apart from these features of P6 series, this TV is available in two sets i.e. 55-inch set and 65-inch having the 96 & 120 local dimmed zones.

As per the tests conducted over the latest TCL 6-Series of Roku TVs by the company itself, it has been noticed that these series have a better color reproduction and the brightness. At last, the conclusion came that the new Roku TV are the best choice for all who want to stay under $1000 and having the image quality as their one of the prior features.

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